Welcome to Ireland in the 1970s. Were you there too, like I was? Well, welcome back, kids.

This was the second full-colour image that I created for the comic which really got me excited. At the time, it summarised nearly everything that I wanted to get into it.


Read on… and please ‘comment’

Enjoy, you 1970s kids! And if you have any thoughts or even reminiscences of your own, please share them in the Comments Section, below. I read them all and really appreciate the feedback. When I was working on Star Wars age 9 and Alien age 11 , I was sorely tempted more than a few times to chuck it all in when hardly anyone was reading. Days and weeks of seeing 3 visits a day and no comments. We tell ourselves that we’re making these things for fun and creative satisfaction first and foremost – but if there’s no discernible audience, you begin to feel a bit like Tom Hanks’ character in Castaway – and wonder if you’re just a deluded fool 🙂


** Stay Groovy, all you 1970s kids! **

– John I. White

↓ Transcript
The comic cover shows the two boys, Jack and Jim and Jack's dog, a Cocker Spaniel named Penny in the Ireland of the 1970s.

The boys are standing, looking resolutely defiant and very heroic, in an Irish field surrounded by cow-pats and toadstools. Behind them, a hay-shed is erupting into balls or flame, as German WW2 Stuka Dive-Bombers, screaming in from the left absolutely bomb the fecking shite out of it. A tractor, bales of straw, and some unfortunate cows and sheep are thrown into the air (And also one of those funny round thingies for feeding livestock that you could put on its side and run around inside like a hamster - but the farmer told us - ahem, told them that they shouldn't because they could break their arms and legs. Pffft... yeah, right).

From the right come modified and standard Star Wars T.I.E. Fighters, laser-blasting the bejaysus out of the same shed.

The boys are wearing their 1970s 'army jumpers', jeans and wellies.

Weapons of choice are a very extremely dangerous stick and a hurley - both slung around the torso with standard issue, commando baling twine.

These two men are the only thing standing between the earth and alien invasion - can the Earth survive... them?