Kids get so fixated – obsessed even, over the smallest objects of desire. It’s the B*W ‘Quarter Century’ strip!

Do you remember wishing you could have that little thing that your pal had? Even somehting silly, like a Six Million Dollar Man sweet wrapper!


Elements of Truth

There actually was a badge like that. My pal Niall F had it. And there was a Van Man too!

Niall’s Vader badge had the same pic that appeared on the back of the Star Wars Storybook, i.e., someone else dressed in Dave Prowse’s Vader costume – and looking a bit girly – if it’s OK for me to say that, after nearly 4 decades!


darth vader back cover of the Star Wars storybook

Above: From the back of the Star Wars Storybook



For some reason, Niall’s badge had holes punched all over it. A sibling perhaps? Probably with a compass point. Niall also had the Storybook – which I craved and yearned to own – and even just to touch! – more than anything in existence.

And as I said, there ws a Van Man. A mobile shop for countryside folk. The first I heard about him, was when John S showed me a set of blue Star Wars cards that were bordered not in red, but – gasp – in blue! (or was it green?) This blew my mind. “When wil he be back at your house? How often does he come? Did he have MORE cards? Can I stay at your house tonight in case I miss him!?!?”

Kids eh? Nuts. Especially 1970s kids.


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** Stay Groovy, all you 1970s kids! **

– John White