Continuing on from the « previous 3 strips: Jack’s finds his day and his world is quite different after seeing Star Wars for the first time in 1977!


Star Wars, Star Wars, everywhere…


star wars stormtrooper painted on a stone

Above: Seeing Star Wars in bits of stone! Back and front. (1977)

Its amazing the stuff that I kept – like my own home-made Star Wars Comic Adaptation – from over 3 and a half decades ago. Have a look at the image above and you’ll see that like Jack, I was seeing Star Wars in… everything! 9 year old John S and I were playing in the woods surrounding the Hydro-Electric Dam across the road from my house and I found this stone. I immediately saw an Imperial Stormtrooper‘s head in its outline. Naturally, I brought it home and painted it with my Rowney poster paints. The little cut-out in the ‘chin’ was probably the bit that sparked instant recognition – and my power of imagination.


Selling Star Wars


Charles lippincott

Above: Charles Lippincott’s excellent new Blog


Funnily enough, it wouldn’t be long after we imagined Star Wars in everything, that we actually saw it stamped on everything – in reality.

Stationery, lunchboxes, clothing and even paper party cups, plates and napkins. The legendary marketing man, Charles Lippincott was probably the main reason why we bought all of this stuff. These days, Charles is more likely to question the methods and effects of modern advertising, marketing, consumerism and capitalism in our world. And guess what? You can now ‘Befriend’ him on Facebook and follow his brand new Blog articles. The material and memories he’s sharing with fans of Star Wars, Alien, Judge Dredd, Flash Gordon and more – from his vast archives – is absolutely fascinating. He writes eloquently, and in great depth about his time with LucasFilm, exploding many myths along the way. If you like comics – and I assume you might, because you’re here – you’ll love his many illuminating articles about the production of the Marvel Star Wars adaptation.


star wars paper plate 1977 or 1978

Above: Amazing that I still have this! I talked my mum into buying the set, but then couldn’t face actually using – and ruining – them for my birthday party. I even have a napkin which still hasn’t disintegrated! (1978)


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** Stay Groovy, all you 1970s kids! **

– John White

↓ Transcript
The Day After Star Wars

Jack was awoken from a dream-filled night's sleep under his Charlie's Angels beadspread, by his plastic, 1970s, Japanese alarm clock. BZZZ - BZZZ - BZZZ - insisted the space-age gadget.

"Yay!", he cried, more enthusiastic about this new day ahead than any other that he could recall.

But then, instead of irritatingly buzzing, his Clock seemed to go, PEW! - PEW! - PEW! much like the Star Wars laser guns the day before at the cinema.

After getting dressed, without bothering to get washed first, he walked down the hall toward the kitchen. Passing the sitting room, his dad who was sat in one of the green leathertte armchairs of their 3-piece suite, looked up from his paper and greeted him with "Good Star Wars, Jack!"

"Good morning, Dad." replied Jack with a broad grin.

"D'you have a good Star Wars?"

"Like a log, thanks." piped Jack again, not really noticing anything unusual about the exchange - yet.

On the kitchen table, Jack found his bowl of Salty Fibre Husks awaiting him like every other morning. His mum enquired, spoon of sugar in hand,

"Would you like Star Wars and Star Wars on your Star Wars, pet?" The sugar helped to mask the taste of the salt.

"Oh, just Star Wars please mum" says Jack. She poured his milk.

Munching, Jack looked at the breakfast cereal box. Instead of the usual text, all he saw that morning was: STAR WARS HUSKS. With 3 Added Star Wars. The ICI logo monogram had even been replaced with 'SW'.

Oddest of all was that the news - which was always so boring - crackling from the wooden BUSH transistor radio actually seemed more interesting - this morning: "...the SW Envoy to the Middle Star Wars will meet President Star Wars today to discuss the burgeoning Star Wars crisis in the Star Wars..."

Baffled, Jack glanced at the HP Brown Sauce bottle. It read, "SW Sauce. By Appointment to His Imperial Majesty, Lord Darth Vader."

Even the remains of his breakfast cereal, had formed the letters 'SW' in the remaining milk. His eyes bulged, his mouth gaped.

Suddenly, he got it - he understood what his friends had been experiencing all this time after seeing Star Wars. Their obsession. Without further thought, he lept from the breakfast table and bounded out of the front door of the house.

His mum, startled at his hasty exit, called after him, "Star Wars???"

"Hold all of my calls today mum! I have to talk to Jim and Neal right away!!!"

"Are you all Star Wars, Jack?" she called again before he vanished around the drive.

"Yes, everything's Star Wars!"