The Lightsaber of the Jedi Knight is indeed a most delicate weapon, but Jack’s now part of the club.

And seeing Star Wars for the first time was akin to a religious experience!


Dressing Up!


Me, dressed as Darth Vader in 1978

Above: Me in my home-made Darth Vader costume! (1978) Shot by my pal, John S. The rifle is drawn on in marker.


I made a Darth Vader helmet – out of my toy police motorcyclist helmet in early 1978! Along with a mask of papier maché, cardboard, packing-tape and black gloss paint. I then turned my dressing gown inside-out so you saw the dark blue lining instead of the patterned fabric and kept the arms hidden inside. I safety-pinned it at the top. Looking at it now, it’s no wonder why John S’ Apollo Rocket Costume won the fancy dress contest at the local field day! Made from cardboard boxes, it was brilliant. Inscribed on it was “One Small Step for Man…” etc. I was about losing it to one of my best pals, but also in awe of its greatness. And I was supposed to be the artistic one! Maybe John can tell us more about that day?


Me in the garden with my police helmet

Above: the original, unmutilated helmet! In the garden in Scone, Scotland around 1976? With my Luger pistol.


Clubs – secret societies – gangs


I’d like to hear about yours! Why not tell us about them in the comments on the right? Ours was the Warlord Eagles – named after the UK’s WARLORD comic. After Star Wars hit – we renamed it to the Star Wars/Warlord Eagles. Here’s what’s left of my Warlord Secret agent wallet!


warlord secret agent wallet

Above: My Secret Agent Credentials. It also contained a black and White magazine photo of Farrah Fawcett!



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** Stay Groovy, all you 1970s kids! **

– John White

↓ Transcript
Arise, Sir Jedi Knight! - December 1977

More excited than he'd ever been before, Jack ran to the house of his pal Jim. Understandable, as it was the morning after seeing Star Wars. So he was desperately eager to tell Jim that he too had now seen the new space film!

Arriving at No.77, he knocked urgently - between gasps - on his pal's sunset orange door...

Presently, the door opened. Jim's head still bore the plastic Darth Vader mask; which he appeared to be wearing as a hat when not at play. This time delighted to see Jack, Jim yelled, "Hiya Jack!" but briefly paused, noticing Jack's own demeanour before remarking, "You look... different."

In spontaneous response, Jack jumped all over Jim's front step - unable to contain himself any longer, shouting, "I saw it Jim - I saw it!! I saw Star Wars - yesterday... with my own eyes! I can't stop thinking about it! It - it - it's all I want to think about!!!"

Jim calmly raising a hand in mock benediction, and with eyes cast serenely off to the heavens, whispered "So - you have seen."
"Enter, my son," he continued "for, it is time..." and motioned Jim inside, through the house and out to the back garden - where the tree-house stood. Jack was urged up the ladder, shoddily made from a long plank with short pieces of wood nailed horizontally across it at kid-step-sized intervals. "That's it - go ahead" Jim urged with a whisper.

Suspecting something very odd might be afoot, Jack cautiously climbed onward and upward - pausing briefly to look back at Jim who chose to remain on the lawn - before irresistably resuming his ascent.

His progress was abruptly, halted near the top, when he encountered Neal's legs and feet. Neal stood Samurai-like in the entrance to the tree house - towering over Jack with what appeared to be a cardboard kitchen-foil tube in his two hands. Jack greeted him in as normal a fashion as he could, "Oh - hi Neal!" Neal replied only with a whispered and solemn "Silence... kneel before Neal." Jack, intrigued, stepped off the ladder into the tree-house and found himself on his knees - as if before the Queen of England in Westminster Abbey. And then, it did come to pass:

"Lo, henceforthwith" incanted Neal with a ritual touch of the cardboard sword to each shoulder, "we do hereby verily enmonicker thee: Jedi Jack." And then after some perceived proper pause, "Arise, Sir Knight." Jack stood, feeling honoured and curious as to what might follow. He needn't have feared an anti-climax, for with attempted balletic flourish, Neal presented the cardboard tube with its thick sellotape hand grip to him.

"And taketh thee, thy lightsaber." adding quietly, "Careful, it's on."
"Gosh" breathed Jack in awe of its imaginary blue glow and enquiring, "Is it - dangerous?"
"Aye, very extremely" Neal warned him, "Do not ever point it at anyone's face."
"I shall useth it with careth" Jack assured him.
"Wise. For it be-eth of crappy cardboard and sticky tape construction."

The lightsaber of the Jedi Knight was indeed a dangerous - and delicate weapon.