No, there’s no pleasing some people. Early ‘Cosplay’ woes! Who did you most identify with from Star Wars? Luke, Leia. Han? – or Vader?

As a kid, I wanted to be Luke! As a 46 year old? I’d like to be Han Solo. But Happy Star Wars day, and May the Fourth be with You! – Star Wars fans!


may the fourth be with you logo



There are some nice teasers being released at the moment in connection with the new Star Wars film. They’re really pandering to us older, orginal Star Wars fans, attempting to ‘tick all of the boxes’. I wonder if they’ll make no visual nods whatsoever to the loved/hated Prequel films?


vanity fair star wars episode 7 cover

Above: An exciting new image by Annie Lebovitz for Vanity Fair Magazine! See today’s just-released video!


The Enfield Haunting

And in other news… I watched this new drama last night on… ahem… SKY Living Channel and loved it (I hate SKY) . It’s a feast of 70s style production design. Because of this, I went back into the artwork of today’s strip and created the cupboard that you see behind Jim on the left. Apparently it’s based on a ‘true’ story. I’d no idea until I looked it up online this morning!


the enfield haunting TV series

Above: At least three great actors in this drama series. You can’t go wrong with Timothy Spall!


the enfield haunting real photo bedroom

Above: I only just discovered that it’s based on a ‘true’ story. This real bedroom is brilliantly recreated in the series. Recognise any of these posters? My sister Maria had some of them.


But did it really happen?

luke leia han star wars poster

Above: I loved Luke’s hairstyle in this as a 9-11 year old!

I can’t say whether the haunting really happened, but my own hairstyling attempts did! John S certainly wouldn’t have cut up his dad’s jacket – he was too well-behaved a kid for that. A great kid!

Yes, I certainly locked myself in my bedroom a couple of times with my sister Maria’s hairdryer, referencing the poster of Mark Hamill on my wall. Perhaps it was after one of these ocassions that my mum took this photo of me?


1977 or 1978 starwars t-shirt luke and threepio

Above: Mum photographed me in 1978, at home in Ballymore Eustace with my brand new Star Wars T-Shirt from Penney’s! John S got one too. You can see that I’m stretching it down so you can see the picture and is that a Luke hairstyle I see?



Who did you most identify with from Star Wars? Luke, Leia. Han? – or Vader?

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** Stay Groovy, all you 1970s kids! **

– John White

↓ Transcript
Jim's House

Jim was sat in his bedroom, at his dressing table mirror - door firmly locked - curtains closed. He no longer noticed the increasingly insistent knocking on his door as he attempted to scrawl the first black side-burn to the left side of his face with a very large, wedge-tipped, permanent Pentell felt marker. He occasionally referenced the Han Solo poster on the wall behind him, as reflected in the mirror over his right shoulder as he proceeded with his work.

Knock - knock - knock - "Jim? This is your father..." came the muffled voice.

In a world of his own, Jim thought, "Why couldn't I have wavy brown hair like Jack?"

Knock - knock - knock - "Jim, do you have my Sunday-best suit jacket in there?"

"Lucky so and so" he thought.

"And the scissors? Jim?!?!" Knock - knock - knock -

Jim's pinstripe Han Solo waitcoat was looking pretty good though, even if it was a bit big and ragged where the sleeves and lapels had been cut off. Good thing dad didn't want his old suit any more.
While, at Jack's House

Jack sat, at his dressing table mirror - door firmly locked - curtains closed. He no longer noticed the thunderous banging of his sister Martha's fists on his door as he attempted to style his hair, with a rounded brush to match the Luke Skywalker poster behind him, as reflected over his right shoulder in the mirror. Referencing the poster and his own hair, he noted with some satisfaction that it was proceeding quite well, but the colour was an insoluble problem.

Bang - bang - bang! "Jack - open this flamin' door!" came a barely muffled yell.

In a world of his own, Jack thought, "Why couldn't I have straight blonde hair like Jack?"

Boom - boom - boom! - "Open it!!!"

"And a chin dimple - like Jim?" he thought.

BOOM! - BOOM! - BOOM! - the room was almost shaking with the door now, "And gimme back me flamin' hair dryer!"

A thought occurred, then - simultaneously - to Jim and Jack: some people - other people - are never happy.