The difficult to understand 22nd strip!

This Friday, I’ve made darned sure to stick to my new, self-imposed schedule! Every Friday – without fail – come hell or High Water. reliability is key.

However, it is now 9:25pm here in Ireland and I’m knackered – and you’re probably all in the Pub! It’s been a very long day, so you are about to enjoy the experience of reading the strip – without any long commentary underneath!

On the up-side: I’ll write an article tomorrow and put it in here in the hopes of drawing you all back here again. Ho ho ho. It’ll be a second chance to get a ‘Like’ and a ‘Share’ and a comment on the right 🙂 and if you’re still game, a VOTE over at TopWebComics! Hurrah!

I hope you enjoy this 1970s Kung Fu TV Show-related strip.

If you enjoy today’s strip and article, please leave a comment so that I know? And please ‘Share’ it – in whichever way you prefer. Every bit helps, to get my comic ‘out there’ – and – encourages me to stick at it.


** Stay Groovy, all you 1970s kids! **

– John White