Maybe Jack needs to decide for himself, when it comes to those big, important Star Wars questions?

Despite this ear, nose and throat bug – I hit the Friday-update deadline again. Whoo-hoo. (thank goodness for antibiotics)


Back to 9 Panels

I really need to edit these strips down! This one took ages. I briefly flirted with 6 panels – and even 2! – but now I’m back up to 9 again. Sometimes I just can’t get everything that’s in my head into 6 panels. And I was loathe to split this one over 2 whole weeks. That’d be a drag for you readers! Ideally, I’d like to do two x 4 – 6 panel strips per week; say, on Mondays and Fridays. Well, we’ll see. If I can make a real go of this self-publishing business, I might even get up to Mon, Wed &Fri! I’d love that.

Actually, speaking of business I still need to look into getting banner ads into the site somewhere… (Yes, I know. Advertising = Dirty Word)


Oh, the rewrites…

Maybe it was just because I was ill this week, or maybe it was because the extra time I had made the work fill the time available – but I re-wrote and re-wrote this strip. I need to know when to stop! The good thing about building up a ‘buffer’ of lots of strips in advance of publication – so you can stay ahead – is that you can refine ideas, artwork and scripts. But I also now see, how that could increase production time!


Cradle to Grave


cradle to grave tv series

BBC / Danny Baker’s ‘Cradle to Grave’ comedy series


I saw Danny Baker’s new comedy series on BBC2 last night. My goodness it was like time-travel. I was literally back in the 1970s watching it! Amazing art direction, wardrobe, set dressing…


Cor! Aaargh! Teufel!


Warlord Comic for boys issue 1 DC Thompson

Above: (the not very PC) WARLORD comic



Did any of you love your 1970s comics? Warlord, by DC Thompson was the first one that I got massively into. The one I showed here is actually Issue#1. I wonder now how I managed to read it – because I was only 6 and a bit years old! How I loved the replica medals they gave away with the first issues. The free gifts back then were brilliant actually. Model planes, heliographs for signaling morse code with… What were your favourite comics?

I wrote previously about «  the Warlord Secret Agent Club and « Warlord/Comic controversy.



Thanks to Niall Barr for advising me on the book which Noel is carefully hiding inside his comic. ‘Six Armies in Normandy‘.

And to Peter Briggs for mentioning that the deflated football, which Jack kicks, looks like a Tortoise!

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** Stay Groovy, all you 1970s kids! **

– John White