I’m still on the Halloween theme folks. What are the chances of horror movies, hair-dryers, Vincent Price, Scooby Doo and Jackie Magazine appearing together?

Pretty strong it seems!


Nicking Your Sister’s Hairdryer and Towel-Turbans

Truth be told, I did this more so I could style myself like Luke Skywalker, as we saw in a « previous strip. And later, whilst looking at cringe-worthy pictures of Heavy Rock bands. But the less said about that – the better!

If you follow the Between * Wars Facebook page, this week you’ll have seen a photo of me which shows that I know no shame! I’m not an exhibitionist, but I don’t embarrass easily either. And besides, it was all in the name of making the artwork in the strip the best that I possibly could. Always draw from observation, kids – wherever possible.


Vincent Price and Horror Films…


vincent price

Above: Those eyes! Vincent Price, in..? Help me Neil Baker! Theater of Blood? Tales of Terror?


Back in the Seventies and early Eighties in rural Ireland, we really didn’t get much in the way of horror films, unless we had a huge Eiffel Tower style TV mast in our garden, with guy-wires going all over the lawn so we could get British TV from Northern Ireland. (I must put that in a strip!) But what we did get on Saturday nights, after Gay Byrne’s Late Late Show, was a Hammer movie or similar. I saw the original Hammer Dracula movie that way. It was so exciting!


dracula hammer 1958 poster

Possibly my first one! Hammer Dracula movie


Everyone else had gone to bed, and if I was allowed and still awake myself, I’d get to watch them – alone… That might have been the first horror film I’d seen in its entirety since the next best thing: Carry On Screaming, which was the perfect kids’ movie! Oh, how we all went on and on about that one, the next day in school in Scotland.


carry on screaming poster

The perfect kids’ movie: Carry on Screaming


Dads Fixing Cars


haynes manual for a ford capri

If I’m ever rich beyond my wildest dreams, I want a red, double-headlight, 1970s, Ford Capri like my dad’s!


One of my strongest memories of growing up was my dad, at weekends, in the driveway with head head under the bonnet of the car, oily fingerprinted copy of his Haynes Manual in hand. I wonder how much time he would have saved if he’d hired a professional instead?

I also recall the time that Niall B’s dad kindly drove me home, in Scotland, and I was suddenly very aware of the fact that his car was moving – but didn’t seem to be really making any noise.

Did your dads do the same at weekends? And did all 1970s cars keep breaking down, or was it just ours ones?


** Stay Groovy, all you 1970s kids! **

– John White

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