A bit dark – and possibly controversial. But Hallowe’en is a creepy night, and we were let out, alone, in the dark, knocking on strangers’ doors. Read into it what you will…

No further comment


Except… (art notes)

I did this strip entirely on the computer. No ink drawing on paper. I was under time-pressure and wanted to see if skipping a step would speed it up.

I was a pretty good process. I scanned the rough pencil art, placed it in Photoshop and digitally inked over it.

I’m not sure thsi is the method for me though. The quality of line is thin and uniform and I’m not keen on it. With time, I’m sure I could get a nice varied line width using pressure-sensitivity settings on the Wacom drawing-tablet, but I’ll stick to paper for a while longer.


** Stay Groovy, all you 1970s kids! **

– John White

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