The Cheese Triangles arc (Pt.1)

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The Force Awakens – is here!


circle is complete. Me coming out fo seeing 'The Force Awakens'

Life imitates Art Imitates Life at ‘The Force Awakens’ screening larger view »

I saw the long-awaited new Star Wars film: ‘The Force Awakens‘ on opening day, last Thursday. What an experience that was. So many mixed emotions! I could barely believe what I was seeing as the new scroller worked its way up the screen, “Am I – am I – really here?” The Millennium Falcon appeared! – and then Han and Chewie! “Can this really actually be happening? Right now? After 38 years?!?!”


seeing star wars in 1977 comic detail 1

The B*W strip about the big day: « Seeing Star Wars for the first time


Yep. It was. And that’s right: it’s 38 years since « I sat in the local Dara cinema in Naas town, County Kildare, Ireland. In 1977, ‘Star Wars. changed my young life, as it changed the lives of so many others.

I still can’t quite believe what I saw last Thursday. I know I was there, but it’s like a half-remembered dream now. There’s so much to think about and reflect on. And the more I think about it, the better it gets.


seeing star wars for tyhe first time in 1977 - 2

Who’d have thought we’d be doing this again on 2015?


The critics – in the main – are raving about how great the new film is. But to be truthful, I was of two minds as I left the cinema. I suppose I wanted my mind to be blasted into a million pieces as I went on the most magical, time-traveling, nostalgia trip of my life, and in many ways it really was that! But not all of the critics are fans, like we are. They don’t have as much emotional investment in it. And now, as I go through each day letting it all sink in, discovering what the writer and director intended, gaining fresh insights and realisations of my own, it’s just growing – and growing – and GROWING in my imagination. I can’t wait to see it a second time (and a few times more).



Dean Mayes’ Blog: ‘Force Awakens’ Review


Here’s a very nice The Force Awakens review by my also very nice pal, the novelist Dean Mayes, in Australia. Dean writes beautifully. And after you read this NON-SPOILERY review by him, I also recommend his other lovely Star Wars related article, on the same blog about his local town, and seeing Star Wars at the local cinema there, way back then. Watch out too, for the comment left there on the latter article, by the late Richard LeParmentier, AKA ‘Admiral Motti of Star Wars. For the uninitiated: Motti’s the guy who Vader half-choked in the Death Star conference room! “Don’t try to frighten us with your sorcerer’s ways, Lord Vader!”



Star Crash & The Humanoid


Back in those days, we couldn’t just stick Star Wars in a player, or go online and watch it whenever the fancy took us. That’s what made all the comics and books and collectible cards so important to us. So sometimes, in order to get our Sci-Fi fix, desperate measures were required! Such as watching…


Star Crash: Not actually as good as Star Wars…

The Humanoid: Not actually as good as Star Crash!

** Stay Groovy, all you 1970s kids! **

– John White

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