The Cheese Triangles arc (Pt. 3)

Jack and his dad seem to be at odds over the identity of the military type man down the road – who appears to own a tank (!). And do you think it’s possible to eat too much cheese at bedtime?

This is kind of a bridging page between last week’s episode and what’s to come. But I hope you like it.

Schedule & Format


John I. White creative blog logo

John I. White creative blog logo


Yep, as I said last week on Facebook. That ‘strip’ style format just wasn’t going to work – even at 3 times a week. I’m committing now instead to a full comic page – like I used to – and publishing every Wednesday. Every Wednesday! (we’ll see how successfully I stick to it) This comic was never meant to be the classic gag-strip/gag-cartoon as such, but more like gag-pages, visually presented like a graphic novel. If that makes any sense? I’m constantly grappling with it myself! You can read more about my comic strip experiment of last week and why I reverted back to full pages on my Between * Wars blog. Incidentally, you might notice that this episode is 6 panels instead of 9 or 10!


Comics Festival in Dublin!

Fête de la Bande Dessinée

bande dessine comic festival

Fete de la Bande Dessinee‘ Comic Book Festival

Illustrators Ireland in association with Alliance Francais and the Comics Lab have organised a 2-day comics festival in Dublin called Fête de la Bande Dessinée It’s about Irish and francophone comic books and is on the 2nd & 3rd of March (today and tomorrow). I’m pleased that Between * Wars comic is being featured in their exhibition right now – yay!

Irish illustrator and comic creator Sarah Bowie, especially, has put huge work into these events.



French comics artist Tito will be talking tomorrow night at Alliance Francais, on Kildare Street, Dublin 2 (details) and the exhibition of Irish comic art – featuring Between * Wars – will be launched too. I’m really looking forward to it!



But this evening , there will be Pulse – Irish Comics Now in Rathmines, Dublin (details). It’ll be a “snapshot of what’s happening in
Irish comics right now. From small-press to mainstream,
from indie to industry.”
I’ll be there, so if you see me, come over and say hello 🙂


Oh, 1 other thing… Technique!

Inking in Pencil!

(To quote Columbo) I switched from pen to pencil for the inking on Between * Wars on the last page and this one, and I’m really happy with the way it’s going! I’m very proud of the art in this comic page. I’ll be writing up an article about the switch, the benefits, and how I’ve done it, over at the aforementioned blog in the next 2 days. So stay tuned here, at the blog or more conveniently on Facebook and Twitter.


staedtler hb pencil

Is HB the one for me? I’m not sure yet. We’ll see how it goes.


** Stay Groovy, all you 1970s kids! **

– John White

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