The Cheese Triangles arc (Pt. 4)

Jack’s overdose on « cheese-triangles before bed conjures a horrifying vision of the future: the tacky, horrible, vomit-inducing mistake that was the 80s!


An Apology!

…for inflicting this week’s episode on you. But it had to be done, and was fun – in a sick, evil, twisted sort of way. After WW 2, WW 1 and the medieval eras of the Black Death – surely, there can be no more horrid a phase in human history than the 1980s?


Creating the Abomination Page

It was fun to take us out of the usual yellow and brown-hued 1970s colour palette of Between * Wars, and into the revolting eighties. I basically took the worst of the 1980s colour palette and then did my best to combine them in the worst possible ways 😀


neon nightmares comic page detail alternative version

Above: the first version, with the DUNE movie scenes in full-colour. View full-size

I’ll write more about about the creation of this comic page on My Creative Blog soon. It was an interesting one. It ended up looking good (in a hideous sort of way) but was visually very busy. I made a difficult choice, after looking at it again on Wednesday morning. I decided to make the parts of Jack’s dream that related to David Lynch’s movie, DUNE, look more black & white: I desaturated them. This separated those initial dreaming parts of the story from the full-colour, present-moment bedroom parts; thus, making it easier to understand. It also whacks-up the contrasting colour-shock of the 1980s bits!


John I. White creative blog logo

John I. White creative blog logo


Schedule & Format

I’m enjoying this more-disciplined Wednesday schedule. I get Thursday and Friday to think about and start writing and sketching the next one! I feel more positive about it all. Let me know what you think, readers?


Comics Festival in Dublin: Exhibition!

Fête de la Bande Dessinée

bande dessine comic festival

Fete de la Bande Dessinee‘ Comic Book Festival

Last week I mentioned this Dublin comics festival which was organised by Illustrators Ireland in association with Alliance Francais and the Comics Lab The two big events are over now, but the exhibition is still up for a month, in the Cafe at the Alliance Francais building on Kildare Street in Dublin. Between * Wars comic is on display, just on the right as you walk into the cafe – along with about 10 other tremendous comic artists’ work!

** Stay Groovy, all you 1970s kids! **

– John White

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