The Cheese Triangles arc (Pt.6)

Yes, today there’s a valuable lesson to be learned by the kids – and by all of you, dear readers! About war. Oh, wait. I can’t remember what it was. Well, nevermind. It’s only a comic.


Fighting for a Common Cause!

It’s funny you know, sometimes I write these pages and later on, as I illustrate them, I realise that they’re sort of topical. Sort of. This weekend in Dublin, Ireland, sees the of the centenary celebrations of the 1916 Easter Rising.


It's said now that Pearse didn't actually read it, but that it was Thomas Clarke

According to legend, Pearse read it outside the GPO. But it’s said now that Thomas Clarke actually read it, in front of Nelson’s Pillar.


Brave Irish men and women rose up against the British to claim their right to Irish Sovereignty, self-rule, Independence and freedom – after several centuries. The leaders were subsequently captured and executed. But it set the wheels in motion for Irish Independence – at least for the majority of the island of Ireland.

It’s a very big occasion indeed. There will be a parade down O’Connell Street, on Easter Sunday, past the General Post Office building, where the rebels took over the building. Outside was read the Proclamation of Independence: An Poblacht na hÉireann ^.




Big Job!

Phew, this episode was a lot of work! 9 panels with loads of teeny details and lots of dialogue. I barely made my Wednesday deadline. I hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll try to keep it shorter and simpler next week.

So, see you next Wednesday and…

** Stay Groovy, all you 1970s kids! **

– John White

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